Salsa Fargo

New bike .. Salsa Fargo

I had planned on Building up an new Ogre  but plans change.....

I had tested a Salsa Fargo as a possible option for trail riding,  
but thought that if I were going to go with the NuVinci Hub I 
would use an Ogre.    The Fargo was a great bike with a 
$1,400 ish price range.    

I stopped into the LBS and they called out my name and 
wheeled over "my new bike" .....       They had a customer
that had order the Fargo and 3 other bikes and picked them 
up a few days earlier.  He rode the Fargo about 20 miles and 
decided that he wanted to go in a rode bike direction instead... 
so he brought it back and traded it.

So I got it for $1,000.   Hard to pass that up . 

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