Woodchipper Bar

I no longer have the Woodchipper Handlebar on the LHT. I needed to move to an upright riding position.  But the Woodchipper Bar it served me well for many years. 

Below is the write up of the move from the stock LHT handlebar to the Woodchipper handlebar.


I had switched for the the stock handlebars on the LHT to the Salsa Woodchipper Bar Moto Ace.   I am a big fan of hand positions.  And I never rode the stock handlebars in the drops. I just was not comfortable for my hands.  Doing a lot of hill climbing now I was looking for a bar that would provide a better drop solution.  The Woodchipper Bar had a lot of comments that were favorable to drop comfort.
 So I thought that I would give them a try.  I changed out the bar and played with the adjustment to get it dialed in for me.

 I added a accessory bar to the front of the rack for the bag, horn and light  That worked out pretty well.. at least thus far I like it... it is a bit unconventional but it frees up the handlebar hand positions and leave room to put the sleeping bag on the rack behind the bag and air horn bottle.  I put on some new U-Bend synthetic leather bar tape... even wrapped the utility bar for looks....

 The new bar rides great.... thus far I like them.

BUT they are wide and with the bar end shifters even wider.   It is interesting walking with it, parking it ... I do bang into stuff.  Probably will continue to do that for a while until I get use to it.

It also takes a little getting use to the bar end shifters being in the new position.  It is really funny what you get use to, what become a habit.  But now I am riding in the drops more, especially on those steep hills.

oh the small changes makes you think it is brand new again !
Thanks for looking ! 

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