Monday, December 7, 2009

Missouri River in December !

Missouri in December.

The Weather cooperated .. for a while...
but it was cold.

Very peaceful riding along the Missouri River Trail. Lots of wildlife but not many humans braving the elements.

The LHT has been holding up well. Took it by the LBS and they did some minor adjustments to it. They were glad to see that someone was riding.

I was worried about riding in the cold. I know that the Planet Bike computer stops working below 40 degrees and I was not sure how I would hold up. As for the Planet Bike Computer, the company says that should not be the case and will send me a replacement. As for me, I have found that I actually sweat a lot riding ... only the face gets cold. Layers are the ticket. The hills are another part of it too. Some of the hills are pretty steep and that makes you work, and keeps you warm.

The cold did have an impact of the plastic connector that held one of the rear tail lights (see picture on the right... one taillight is gone). I accidental snapped it off doing a fine adjustment. Never would have happened if it wasn't 30 degrees.

I just got off this route when the snow started to fall.... I was afraid that traction my be an issue because the back tire does need replacement. I believe that the cafelatex in the tubes has extended the live of the tire. the tire is almost bald. Without that stuff in the tube, I think that the flats would have forced my hand in getting a new tire...

anyway, back to the snow starting to fall....
because the bald back tire gives me less then desired traction, I needed to call it quits for the day.

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