Thursday, December 24, 2009

Planet Bike: Protegé 9.0 Wireless

I purchased this Computer this past summer and loved the functionality of the product.   It really added to the motivation and help me track the miles for my employer sponsored Fitness plan.   When it started to get cold, I noticed that the speed would 'bounce around" and the colder it got the less the computer would record.  This happened about at 40 degrees F. ...  below 30, the computer would not register speed at all.   I tried different adjustments.. but nothing resolved the issue. 

I wrote to the company asking about the problem.  In a very prompt reply, they stated that they had not heard of that issue.  They asked me to send it to them and they sent me a replacement in a few days.  The replacement works great so far.... down to 20 degrees..   

Planet Bike is a good company in my books.   I have their Blaze 1 Watt light and fenders on my LHT !


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