Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day one

Day one... about 75 miles and forecast calls for about 100 degrees.
Well is was hot, but a side wind...semi tail wind made it easier.  I went through a lot of water..3 bottles plus a half gallon.  I ate at the only option at mile 45 .. not much in the way of people in this area.  However, I did see a lot of creatures... snakes, turtles deer, prairie dogs, and antelope.
Found one motel open... clerk ask me how many miles I got in today (since the town of Cheyenne Wells is on the trans continental bike route, he gets lots of bikes) I road him about 75.. he said that is a lot, most people get less then 50.  I took a cold shower and soon will eat, then go to bed... is it okay to go to bed at 8 pm ?
Big day tomorrow


  1. Anonymous6/04/2010

    Yes it's ok ....
    actually a very good idea.

  2. Debbie6/04/2010

    Wow - 75 miles !!

    Very impressive.

    Safe biking,