Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rain, Storms & Flooding .... now solo touring

For the second night in a row less than 2 hours of sleep due to weather.   

First night of rain it was the high winds and rain,  My tent hung in there... others not so lucky.  "got up" at 4 am to pack up in the rain, everything is wet.  only to stand under cover for 2 hours awaiting the storm to pass.  Rode in the rain with lightening all around.   Not to smart, but feel the timeline.   bags feel much heavier  when wet.  My odometer stopped working in the rain....  did I mention it was raining.   It doesn't feel right riding in conditions that you normally would not ride in.  75 plus miles later.... made it.

Second night of rain looked like it might be a good night and I might get some sleep. Sleeping bag and tent were damp... but managable.   But once again about 2am, lightening filled the sky.... thunder and then the pouring rain and wind.   I looked out of my tent and saw another tent tumbling across the field.    I hung in there.... until about 3am when my tent got flooded.   about an inch of water came from the bottom..  I felt around and found my cell phone "floating"....  this can't be good.    I abandoned ship... grabbed the phone and charging equipment and ran to the locker room..   did I mention it was pouring rain.

Weather broke about 5am...   I packed up my soaking things and loaded my poor bike.   the leather seat soaked for the second day and the chain and gearing system again needing maintenance.... oil .  Went to Breakfast at 5:30 .. excellent beakfast put on by the local people.    At breakfast I heard that a number on people were dropping out.    My concern was feeling the "time preasure" of getting to the next location on schedule. ... and I needed to sleep.   I was self supported, carrying my gear with me (A few people were doing that), and what I needed was sleep.  so I made the decision to brake from the group and take a different route so that I could get off the timetable and find a motel.    Impossible to find a motel when with the group.  

So off I went riding solo again..... felt very nice.   The sun was out just a bit... not raining.   but my bike really feels loaded with the wet gear.  The goal was about 40 miles to a town with a motel.... sleep needed.  Not feeling bad... just sleepy. I do like the company of others at times when riding, I rode with a good number of people but still, it was nice not to be always passing people or being passed. And traveling with all those people made it hard to get a good feel for the local communities.  I road the first two days by myself and now at it again.   refreshing....    
I may link up with the group again toward the end of the tour,  They went south and I went straight east.

I made it !  but I don't think my phone did.....

Did I mention that it has been raining ?

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