Thursday, July 8, 2010

Charge U-Bend Bar Tape

I had about 4,600 miles on the stock black bar tape.   Showing a lot of wear....Time for a replacement. 
I have always liked the look of the leather wrap to match the honey Brooks Flyer saddle.  With the leather staps on the Acorn Bags and the Honey Brooks Saddle, I decided to try the
Charge U-Bend synthetic leather bar tape that looked like a close match to the Honey Brooks.   At $11.00 it was a inexpensive way to try out the 'look'.    Since I was ordering a pair of Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires, I made a quick decision to throw in the new bar tape.

The install was easy with a nice amount of stretch.  Not a perfect match with the saddle but close.... and at a much cheaper price. I will be interested to see how the tape wears... but thus far the comfort is very good.

Below are a few images:

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  1. UPDATE: It has been over 1 year, and the tape is holding up nicely. Almost like new.