Monday, January 31, 2011

Bike Across Kansas ! 2011

It looks like a nice route for 2011.    
I will not be going on the BAK this year.  Last year was fun, but I ended heading off on my own, about half way, to avoid the crowds.   I had sandwiched the BAK last year so I was self contained.  So when the weather turned bad it was easy for me to head off on my own where I good go at my on pace and have better facilities.  

This year I was considering to do the standard BAK but instead, I am now planning to do a "Discovery" trip of my own.   Solo Touring self supported, through the past.  The "Past" may include a part of the BAK route, so I am deciding now if the dates may work to ride a little with the group (50 miles or so).   My route will be a Cimarron, Dighton, Lacrosse, Kinsley, Dodge City  and back to Cimarron to complete the circle route.

Groups are nice and have advantages,  but  sometimes Solo Touring is called for.   Solo touring  takes a little more planning but it does give flexibility when the need arises.     oh....and it is much easier to find a place to eat  and an unoccupied restroom facility.!

But for those going on the BAK,   have a great trip..... and I may see you on the road.   I will miss hearing "on your left"  over and over again as the "go fast" bikes go around my fully loaded touring bike.

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  1. Anonymous1/31/2011

    Hope to see you on the road !