Sunday, January 16, 2011

Planet Bike Blinking helmet light

Cold Weather is hard on the cheaper plastic Blinking lights.  

I have had a few of the cheaper plastic blinking lights that worked well ... until the cold weather.   I seems when  it is below the freezing point, the plastic attachments become very brittle.   With that brittleness, it does not take much of a bump to a have the attachment prongs snap in two.
New Planet Bike 'blinkie' attached to bicycle helmet

The picture shows two of the cheaper models, laying face down, and shows where the attachment prongs have broken.    The Blinking part of the light still works fine, however they can not be attached to the helmet.     

Last week, it was cold and my 3rd 'blinkie' broke.  Instead of getting yet another cheap Blinking light, I decided to purchase a Planet Bike blinking light from my Local Bike Store.  The light was about $12, (4 times as much as the previous ones that I had been using).  But if it works though the winter months it will be worth it.   The light appears to be build much better and has thicker prongs,  so I am hoping it will not be subject to the "cold winter break". 

I really like having the blinking light on the helmet.  When purchasing a helmet, I make certain to buy one that has a blinkie attachment option.   I think it is much more visible to vehicles to have the blinking light up high..  And I believe making an effort to "BE SEEN"  creates a good will between Motorist and Bicyclists.    At least when I am in a vehicle, I sure do appreciate the efforts that bicyclists make to be seen.

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