Sunday, September 25, 2011

Weston Bluff Trail - Weston, MO

Off of Highway 45 north of Kansas City is the Weston Bluff Trail. It is a scenic short trail that follows the Missouri River into the Quaint Little town of Weston, MO.

There are a number of Lewis & Clark Historical Markers on the trail.

Some of the trail is paved and some is crushed limestone but it was easily traveled with the LHTs 32 tires.   There are some hills, but nothing too challenging  Most of the trail is tree lined and there are a few great Photo Opportunities overlooking the river.  

The trail head ends in the Town of Weston.   A nice 3 mile ride into a cute town makes for a great little day trip.   You can park at the trail head.... or ride there from KC like I did.   

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