Saturday, November 19, 2011

Prairie Spirit Trail

Hit the trail early.. a little breezy, but pretty nice for the middle of November.

Rode from Ottawa, KS to Garnett, KS and back on the Prairie Spirit Trail. the round trip was about 55 miles. The wind was the only real obstacle to overcome. It was blowing pretty hard. Because of the wind I was only able to average about 10 mph. Overall it is a nice trail.

Prairie Spirit Trail

 Sign at the beginning of the trail.
 I am certain the trail is prettier earlier in the fall or in the summer when the leaves fill the trees, but this November day did allow for some scenic views. 

There were a number of bridges on the trail that looked like they were recently built

One of my enjoyments of riding is pulling into towns and seeing what they have to offer.  This is a small town.

And this is a beautiful court house in a little larger town.

Farms with large barns grace the scenic Prairie views.

And a reminder that you are in "Bleeding Kansas"  and all of it's history.
John Brown Road

Today.... I was the only one on the trail.   Not sure what that means..... oh I did see two nice Park Rangers.

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