Thursday, February 16, 2012

7,000 Mile Report

Just turned the 7,000 mile mark on the Surly Long Haul Trucker.  It has taken 2 1/2 years to get there... but it is still going great and it seems like a new bike with each ride.

It started as a stock LHT.  Then the additions of:
- Brooks Flyer saddle
- Planet Bike Fenders
- Axiom rear rack
- Axiom lower rider rack
- Front Rack
- Acorn tool bag
- Acorn front bag
- Stem Captain Temp gauge
- Rear Kick Stand
- Axiom Seymour Panniers
- Ortlieb Classic Panniers
- CatEye computer
- Compound brakes
- and other stuff... pumps, lights
- I use Caffe Latex in the tubes - no flats

It has carried a lot of gear (and me) and that may account for the fact that I have worn out:
- two sets of Continental Contact Tires 32s
- one set of Marathon Plus 32s
- and now on Continental Touring Tires 37
- three chains
- one cassette

A Great Bike for Touring !

(Primary use - Commuting, Errands, and Touring)


  1. "...still going great, and it feels like a new bike every time I ride it."

    Exactly the way it feels every time I have the pleasure of riding my 2010 700c LHT (mostly stock). It's just such a smooth and easy riding bike, loaded or not -- like no other I've ever owned (truth be told, all my other bikes are near vintage). Like you, I added the Brooks seat (Like, but don't love it) and planet bike fenders (I don't really worry about the weather). Ortleib Panniers, too, but I've got them on a rear Jannd Expedition rack (nice and long). Still on my first set of conti's, but only have about 1500 miles on the bike the first year. Your bike looks beautiful!

    1. ~ thanks for the comment!

      The Jannd Expedition rack is a nice choice. A longer rack would be great. With the Ortleib Panniers on the Axiom rack, I have to be a little careful not to hit my bike shoes on the panniers when I 'clip in' to the pedals. It took me a while to love the Brooks flyer, I guess that it really broke in during a tour across Eastern Colorado & Kansas in mostly rain.... The saddle was soaked much of the trip.... oh ,that is why I have fenders ! My old 1974 Motobecane no longer has fenders, I just pick and choose when to ride that one.