Friday, March 15, 2013

New Acorn Front Bag

Time for a new Acorn bag for the LHT.  The older Acorn bag will go on the Fargo.
My new smart phone (HTC)  is quite a bit bigger then my old phone.   It did not fit very nicely in the old bag pocket (see bottom photo).  it was a real stretch at best and I usually just left the pocket unlatched.

Special Order Pockets
The new bag has special order pockets that allow the new phone size to fit in very nicely and securely.  With the LHT, I often ride while listening to Pandora on the phone and with the phone in the little pocket, the sound is just right and I can hear the phone ring. When the phone is in the bag, it is difficult to hear songs or the phone ring. The little pocket is handy to stop and get the phone to answer it or check directions.

New Bag - Large Smart Phone fit great
with large phone the pocket still fastens securely
The old bag.... it was a stretch for the larger phone to fit.
Acorn Bags are great ! 

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