Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bicycle Commuters Disrespectful Behavior.

As a bicyclist, I do my best to promote, encourage and defend bicycling. I advocate commuting & touring. It is important to always put your best foot forward in this endeavor. Bicycle safety and bike lanes are important in the transportation plan of localities, and it is important to promote and defend these efforts with other individuals that are not in support of incorporating bicycling in the transportation plans.


I was ashamed to call myself a bicyclist when I witnessed the behavior of all the Cambridge MA bicyclists during the Funeral procession of my Mother.

 The Cambridge police department escorted and blocked intersections in the short trip from the Church to the Cemetery and the vehicles and pedestrians were respectful. BUT NOT ONE bicyclist stopped for the procession. Everyone of the bicyclists continued to not only pedaling past the funeral procession where the cars were clearly marked with funeral flags, but many Cyclists weaved between the procession cars causing the cars to yield to avoid them.

It was so bad that at the Cemetery, the Priest apologized for the disrespect that the bicyclists showed.

I am from the country (Colorado & Missouri) not accustomed to the City, and I am known in the family as a bicyclist, and it was pointed out to me by family members from the Cambridge area that this behavior of bicyclists is "typical" and is why they never support any initiative for bicycling.

It was disappointing to see fellow cyclist so rude, self centered and inconsiderate. In addition, depending on local laws, such behavior may be illegal. I STRONGLY suggest that if you are riding and encounter a funeral procession, show respect. Stopping and standing beside your bike not only will show civility but will be of benefit to all cyclists, ........ or at least find an alternative route.


  1. Anonymous10/23/2013

    sorry about your loss... we should all know that what we do while on our bicycles will reflect on what people think about bicycling.

  2. Anonymous10/24/2013

    What a very good article for bicyclists. We are always hearing about the 'rules of the road' that we should be following, but have seldom heard about the respectfulness we should be practicing during a funeral. Riding like you own the road has always been a complaint of non-riders and that would confirm their feeling. I thank you and am so sorry for you loss.