Sunday, November 29, 2020

Amtrak passenger trains and the Katy Trail along the Missouri River

 Remember the  Amtrak - Katy Trail Ride from a few years ago... 

Kansas City to Jefferson City MO and back !

Amtrak passenger trains and the Katy Trail along the Missouri River open up the possibilities for this bicycle adventurer on a two night, spring-time jaunt in Missouri.

Accommodations: A bed and breakfast and a historic hotel.
Distance: Two days of fifty-mile rides.
Bonus: Amtrak’s walk-on bicycle service and the Katy Trail along the Missouri River.
Weather: Occasional rain.
The Route: One hundred miles along the Katy Trail, point to point, from Jefferson City to Sedalia with an overnight in Rocheport, using Amtrak passenger trains for the “shuttle.”

The trip starts in the famous Union Station in Kansas City.  Using the push on bicycle service on the Amtrak Train.  The train leaves the station in the early morning.

The rail worker flagged me to my car and I pushed the bicycle onto the train and placed it in the car and secured it in the proper space.  I took a seat right beside the bicycle!  

This was a huge change from the days of putting your bike in a Bike-Box and having the freight workers load it in a Amtrak Baggage car like I had done on other trips.

Box Bike - not good!

I quickly took out my phone and sent a message to Amtrak and expressed my appreciation of having this roll-on option!  

I enjoyed the ride to Jefferson City, MO relaxed and hoping the forecasted rain might hold off today.    

When we passed Sedalia, MO, I took notice of the depot.  The next day I would be boarding the train there for the return trip to Kansas City... if everything went well.

We rolled into Jefferson City, MO about noon.  The Depot is a few blocks for the State Capital.  I unloaded my bicycle off of the train.  They want you to unload quickly to keep them on-time.  I was ready to go and a rail worker helped me navigate the bicycle off the stairs of the train.   I was raining just a little. I was prepared.  

I rode by the Capitol in route to the Katy Trail.  I passed a bicycle shop and stopped in to confirm my route. 

I also bought a new pair of bicycle gloves and some shop stickers.

I followed the route and soon
was making a turn to cross
the Missouri River.

a short ride later

I found the 
Katy Trail

There are so many beautiful spots along the Katy Trail.  I was heading to Rocheport, MO where I would be staying the night.  I wasn't able to make great time riding.  There was just too many pictures that needed to be taken. 

I eventually made it to Coopers Landing!
A great view at Coopers and the FOOD is exceptional.

I then continued to ride on the Katy Trail to get to Rocheport.  

I felt my rear tire beginning to lose air.
Yes, the rear tire.
Yes after a long day and only about 8 or so miles to go.

I decided to just keep putting air in it  every couple of miles and repair or replace the tube when I arrived at Rocheport. 

I found the location of my nights lodging. 
I was able to use the facilities bicycle repair shed to repair my tube.

I grabbed something to eat and got a great nights sleep.
A little more than 50 miles of riding today.

Day Two

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