Saturday, March 26, 2022

New kickstand !

Pletscher Two-leg double kickstand...

A great option for the touring Long Haul Trucker.  
It holds the bicycle up nicely when fully loaded for touring.

"We recommend the use of two leg kickstands such as the Pletscher. Such a design helps reduce the potential for chainstay flex compared to that which a loaded bike leaning on a kickstand single leg can impose. And because of the extra leg and the placement, they tend to be the most stable in our experience.

The long and short of it is this: Use caution when installing a kickstand on any bike. Use the least amount of force necessary to keep it from moving around or coming loose. Watch what you're doing while you're tightening the bolt. And most important of all: check your equipment. Watch what is happening so you can stop if you need to, and check over the clamp, chainstays, and the securing bolt or nut from time to time to make sure everything is copacetic . Some people use cloth bar tape or sections of old thin road tire or rubber tubing between the kickstand plates and the stays. This can help keep the kickstand from wiggling around, reducing the amount of torque necessary to keep it in place. But this isn’t a magic bullet. Check your equipment."

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