Saturday, April 22, 2023

Presta Valve Adapter

A useful item that I recommend to have on your bicycle at all times is a Presta Valve Adapter.   

I carry/store one screwed backward on my front wheel presta valve stem. It protects the presta valve and when air is needed in the tire/tube, the adapter is reversed which then allows the easier Schrader pump connection to put air in the presta valve.  I find this a much more reliable means to pump tires.  When touring, vehicle tire pumps can also be utilized to speed up tire pumping needs.   

I suggest picking up a Presta Valve adapter when you visit your local bicycle shop!
The cost is minimal. 

Presta Valve Adapter in storage position

 Presta Valve Adapter ready to use position

Once when touring, I once was stopped at a small town convenience/gas station. A group of local cyclists came into the store after seeing my bike. One asked me if I had an Schrader Valve adapter he could use to air up his tire.  

I said "sure, ...  it is on the front wheel of my bike, help yourself."  

I heard one say to another. "I told you he would have one!, those 'touring guys' are always prepared."  

A gas station roller dog was my reward ! 

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