Monday, January 3, 2011

Brooks Flyer Saddle Adjustment

Books Flyer Saddle
After about 5,500 miles on the Books Flyer Saddle, I noticed that it was more than well broken in.
It was starting to sag a little too much.   It was becoming a little less comfortable.
It was time to try an adjustment.

I was a little apprehensive to make the adjustment after reading a few articles.   But,  I had adjusted my old Ideale saddle with great results, so I thought that I would give adjusting the Brooks a try.   The worst thing that could happen was that I would ruin it.   And I would pay the price of stupidity by not only purchasing a new one but paying the price of having to break a new one in.

Enter the new Brooks wrench.

 I purchased a brooks wrench to do the job.  With care, I gave the adjustment nut a quarter turn and noticed the leather coming back to shape.  I continued to make the adjustment a quarter turn at a time.  After about 4 quarter turns the leather looked much better with the sag removed.

I did a quick test ride and the saddle seems like new.

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