Thursday, March 29, 2012

8,000 Miles on the LHT

The CatEye Wireless Computer keeps track of my trip miles, monthly miles and total miles.  It is really handy  for that.  (I don't impress anybody with speed... so I won't go there)

I understand that some riders do not like computers, thinking that it takes away from the reason for riding.... and that may be true.  However, I need to report the miles for insurance reasons ... so there you go.

Anyway..... I recently went over the 8,000 mile mark on the LHT in a couple months shy of 3 years.  That is around 235 miles per month average.   Winter is a bit harder than, well not winter.  But still fun (at times).

The LHT at 8,000 is still going strong !
Thanks Surly !

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