Monday, April 2, 2012

New Bottom Bracket Time

It is over 8,000 miles and I am starting to hear 'clicking' coming from the bottom bracket.

My LBS says that 8,000 miles is about the right expectation on the bottom bracket, especially when riding in hilly terrain.

The Stock Bottom Bracket on the 2009 LHT was a UN53 Square Taper 68 110 .  Pretty much a standard item for good wear.  However, it does have the plastic cap which is prone to cracking and making that classic click sound.  (newer models of the LHT stock had UN54 118 bottom brackets)

 (see the plastic cap on the left of the bracket)

The bottom bracket will soon be replaced with a slight upgrade to the UN55.... same bottom bracket to my knowledge but with a metal version of the plastic piece on the UN53....

After the replacement happens, we will see if that annoying 'click' goes away.....

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