Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fine tuning the Salsa Woodchopper Handlebars

 Bar Adjustments !

It always takes me a while to get the adjustment to things 'just right' .. (and by 'just right' I mean the way that I like it.. which maybe not the best way...

I have been playing with the adjustment of the Woodchopper Handlebar.   I am use to riding in the hoods, but for me, the purpose of the new bar is to add a comfortable drops position.    To do this a little better, I have been moving the lower part of the bar to a more 'parallel to the ground' position.

In the few hilly miles that I have riding with this new position, I have found it much better for me riding in the drops.
 So far I am pleased with the adjustment.  The hills just seem less of a task... more power.   The top bar, of course, is a little less comfortable. But perhaps that will change over time... and miles.

The pictures show the new adjustment.  I may go for a little more "parallel to the ground' with the bottom of the bar.

The auxiliary bar is still working well.  No issues thus far.  But the auxiliary bar is just a bit closer to the brakes with the new position.

Now, if the weather stays nice........

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  1. Anonymous3/16/2012

    I like that bar tape.... it goes well with the Brooks saddle