Saturday, March 10, 2012

March - Nice day to Ride

The March weather makes for some great riding days.  It was in the 70s F today.   Time for a long ride to the Center of Town and the Produce Market.  (about 30 miles)

Filled up the panniers with food (estimate about 20 pounds).

On the way, I had an issue with the bar-end shifter.  I heard a pop... then it shifted into the low sprocket and I could not get it to change gears.  Fortunately, I was near Cycle City where I had purchase the LHT, and they were able to fix it quickly.   Works great now, not sure what happened.  Cycle City is a great local bike shop.   They adjust/tune the LHT for no charge because I bought it there.... I usually bring in a 6 pack of soft drinks to show my appreciation.

On the way back from the downtown produce market I went by the little house in the picture.  Nice little stone house overlooking the River.

Nice shot of the LHT and the new Panniers at work & the new woodchipper handlebar.

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