Saturday, June 2, 2012

Smithville Lake is a big lake in Missouri.     A perfect place to try out the Salsa Fargo on some single tracks trails.  Nice weather and very pretty.

The trails range from easy (paved) to difficult... at least for me.  Steep tree lined trails often so narrow the Woodchipper bars on the Fargo barely fit.

There were not very many riders on the single track trails... only saw a group of four.   Lots of animals though: squirrels, deer and one raccoon ..(raccon in the daytime, not a good sign.)

The Fargo did great !   navigated the rocky terrain and felt very  "sure-footed" .    I now appreciate the high chainstays..   even though I bottomed out hopping over a log.

There were some interesting single track features....  I loved the little bridge and some stone paving on some corners.

There are a few parts with "prairie paths" and one part that goes through a corn field....

Next trip will be for the entire day.   I just saw a little part of the trails.

I like the Fargo and Trail riding...  didn't really know if I would.   I nice change of pace from touring on the main roads.   The LHT does that great... and the Fargo does the trails great.

I did swap out the saddle on the Fargo.   I put on my old Ideale leather saddle for my 1974 Motobecane.  I love that saddle.   It feels so much better then the saddle that came with the Fargo.

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