Saturday, March 12, 2016

Park Tool MTB-3 - Chain breaker tool broke...

On a ride today, I needed to use my trusty Park Tool MTB-3 Tool Kit to solve a Chain issue.     

However, the tip of the chain break screw broke off when pushing it through the chain link.   The tip appears to be plastic and just snapped off.  That left me on my own and having to call for help.

I contacted  Park Tool to see if this is a known issue and a warranty item.  

From Park Tools:
Thank you for using our products and your replacement part request.
Sorry the pin has broken in the chain tool of your MTB-3.
We will send a #964 Plunger/pin assembly..

Remember to always watch the tip of the pin and stop-reset the tool if it begins to ‘walk-off’ a rivet.

That is good service from Park Tool !  

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