Friday, April 14, 2023

New saddle time !

The old Brooks saddle had done a great job.
I bought in 2009 ... 
 and after about 2 years and 5,000 miles, I needed to adjust it (described here). 

That process continued and I eventually had used all of the adjustment thread at about 30,000 miles.  

SO .. I wrapped the inter railing with two old tire tubes that worked great.  Yes, I loved that honey color Brooks Flyer saddle.

I purchase the same model Brooks Flyer for may off-road Salsa Fargo, but in black.  I used it for a few thousand miles and sold the bike, but kept the Brooks Saddle. I put the Black Brooks on my first E-Bike, a Felt e-Bike with the Shimano Steps system.  It is interesting that the saddle made that bike feel like home. 

So when I recently sold my Felt E-Bike, I removed the Black Brooks Flyer and have now retired the Honey Color Brooks Flyer that I have used for 14 years.  It will now hang on a wall along with the Ideale saddle from my 1974 Motobecane "Grand Jubilee touring bicycle.

So now the Surly E-Trucker, has a wonderfully broken in Black Brooks Flyer with about 6,000 miles.

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